Kingfisher Beer Goa

The Kingfisher Experience in Goa as A Corporate Assignment

Corporate photography can have many sides to it, but beer and…

Lost in Translation | Executive Portrait

Mr. Peter Schuller is the global IT services director at McKinsey…
India's triumph over polio is a book published by UNICEF India to celebrate the country's win over polio.

India's Story of Triumph Over Polio

The story of India's polio immunisation campaign seen through the lens of five professional photographers sent to locations across the country to capture the essence of "the polio round' and show India's remarkable journey from having half of the world's polio cases to celebrating three years of freedom from the disease.

The Lions and Gold of the Masai Mara

A multimedia slideshow from the Masai Mara and Lolgorian township, a local modern-life Masai town on the outskirts of the Mara game reserve. Created using the Fujifilm X100S camera.

Under African Sky

Most people that go to Africa, especially if going on safari, will carry their biggest lens to capture the wild life. I was not going to fall into this trap. I am not a wild life photographer and bringing back a picture of a lion from up close is not what I had in mind. For me the magic was better captured with the iPhone

When does a portrait represent the facts and when is it porn?

One of the pleasures of travel has always been to dive into new places where others are compelled to live and being able to come out unharmed to tell the stories of how great the trip was. However, if we are not careful we might crush the fabric of cultures that we come in touch with
The hand-pulled rickshaw of Calcutta, immortalised by Dominic Lapierre's famous novel, City of Joy, will soon be a part of the history books as a bill passed by the West Bengal state assembly described the centuries-old mode of transport as "inhumane." The future of about 18,000 rickshaw pullers in the city, earning an avarage daily wages of about 100 rupees ($2.5) is unclear as they call for a compensation package to help them rehabilitate into alternative jobs.

How, and do we represent the interests of those we photograph

Readers are quick to react when they feel a photographer has crossed the line and intruded into a subject's personal life. This is especially visible when victims of violence and their families are suddenly thrust into the harsh light of public scrutiny, their private life suddenly the subject of front-page pictures and articles.

Vintage Polaroid feel to iPhone images

It was two years ago that I wrote a post calling the iPhone the…

Copyright violation as the industry Standard in India

Is copyright violation the industry standard in India? If you are a photographer working in india chances are your work was published somewhere without your authorisation, credit or even payment. Roli Books, leading publisher of world-quality coffee-tablers, has been slapped with a legal suit for violation of copyright.

Why I'm not going to buy the Nikon D800

The idea of buying a new camera is to have the ability to do things that were not possible earlier. The D800 does not give me that unfortunately and with the high megapixel is more a liability than an asset.