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Banta in Hrishikesh There’s nothing like banta to beat the fierce north Indian summer. For the uninitiated, banta is an indigenous lemon soda sold all over north India in unique Codd-neck bottles with marbles in their necks to keep the fizz from escaping. The soda is served with loads of ice and a special masala, and is priced between Rs 5 and Rs 20.

Street Food of India, Femina magazine India Special, October 2010

Every city is a unique combination of tastes. And these are not served in air-conditioned restaurants, but on the street, where hungry citizens can grab a plate on the go. This is functional food, sold and eaten at a frenzied pace. And you really haven’t visited till you’ve tried these local favourites. You can’t leave […]


Indian middle class

The growing middle class is the face of the Indian upswing.  Excellently trained, ready to perform and happy to consume, the young social climbers liberate themselves from the burden of the past. But what do they believe in? What do they dream about? What keeps them going? These are the opening lines for the feature […]


Panipuri on Morning Calm

A few weeks ago I showed some pictures from a shoot I did in Mumbai about Panipuri, Mumbai’s famous street snack. This month the story, written by Sally Howard, is published in Morning Calm, Korean Air’s online magazine. Read if if you fly with Korean Air, or see the preview here.


Portraits of two Indian artists

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and photographing two of Delhi’s most famous artists, Jatin Das and Anjolie Ela Menon, on an assignment for The Wall Street Journal. Jatin Das, born in 1941 in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa,  is acclaimed for his dynamic human figures. He also has a unique collection of over 5000 hand fans. See the article […]


Indian Summer

The west may be over weathering economic misery, but young Indians are partying like it’s 2009. Sally Howard clinks a Moet to the subcontinent’s future in this spring 2009 edition of UK’s Soho House magazine, with some images form my series ‘India’s Shopping Mall Generation‘. “This generation wants to do everything now. They work hard, […]


Arise – a musical fiction-documentary

Jule Japhet is a French artist working on a project she defines as a musical fiction documentary. She is currently in India finishing the shoot we started last year in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum. Shooting the project in time-lapse (Interval timer shooting) on my Nikon D700 and HD video (the amazing George Kurian on the HD […]

On the streets of Kolkata 2

Following the shoot in Kolkata last month with freelance journalist Jacqueline Lang, who conceptualized and orchestrated the two stories for the Australian magazines (Good going Jacqui ;-), here is the publication from Grazia magazine (PDF Courtesy Grazia magazine AU). click the image for a larger view.

On the streets of Kolkata

i’ve just come back from Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) form a shoot for a couple of Australian magazines. Not my usual thing actually, a kind of a celebrity shoot in India for women’s magazines. it is funny how these things happen. Anyway, we spent some time doing our thing but both magazines wanted some […]