New iPhonography Tools

The iPhone camera is quickly moving to center stage and I am loving it. I have also just received a new camera strap from the good people at BlackRapid and can now carry my iPhone with me attached to the strap itself. Very convenient. I can’t wait for this camera to have a 12 megapixel sensor so that I could start using it for commercial assignments. This day is not so far.

The great thing about the iPhone camera is the fact that it is the first time in the history of photography that we can post process our images in the camera. We can use PhotoShop Express or apply some cool effects, and those are only getting better and better, with filters and predefined sets with other apps. It all started for me with The Best Camera but as great as that app is, and it certainly is, I am quickly moving to play with new apps that come out every second day. One that I like in particular is Hipstamatic and I will be posting some nice images with this one very soon.

The following images are a few that I shot in Udaipur earlier this year. I published some of them before with other effects on my facebook page but with the new ScratchCam app they suddenly look even better so I decided to share them with you here. This app adds great-looking film and print stress to your photos, making them look like the negatives were dragged across a sidewalk or photo prints that were folded up and spent a few weeks in your back pocket. I found this app on a great iPhonography blog that I came to know about via @glyn_e  on twitter. This cool dude runs a great iPhone resource blog which is a candy store of ideas and inspiration.

Here are some from Udaipur and one from Jaipur, all processed with SratchCam app. It seems that landscape images with open sky and pictures with a clean backdrop work especially well on this app, but even other images get a nice touch. Go play and enjoy.

iPhonography India Fateh GarhiPhonography IndiaiPhonography India - Lake Pichola UdaipuriPhonography India Udaipur market sceneiPhonography India Monsoon palace UdaipuriPhonography India Jaipur