Jaipur for Luxury Vagabonds

As much as I intended to keep updating this blog on a regular basis, it really has been a while. I’ve been traveling outside of India, visiting family in Israel and waiting for my new visa to India to come through. It took more than a month and we actually didn’t really move much, except the trip to Sinai for a couple of wonderful weeks. Other than that, having the twins and all, it was not a very active vacation. I’m happy to be back in India and in the last couple of weeks have already been to Bangalore and Jaipur.

Now that we have a long term visa we can start planing the move to Manali and we are super excited about that. The plan is to start a center of photography in the Himalaya and offer more workshops and photo expeditions.

While in Delhi, I still need to get the trucking book out of the way and finish the other two that are in the making. The Indian wedding book is finished and I’m editing and captioning it now with the hope to get it out early next year. The ‘Fata Fat’ portrait project has passed the half way line and will be finished before we leave Delhi in April.

Here are a few pictures from last week’s trip to Jaipur. The feature, written by Fiona Caulfield, a travel writer living in India and the creator of the Love Travel brand of guidebooks, will be published in an in-flight magazine next month and I will load a PDF with all the pictures and text once I have it. I must admit that It was a very new way of looking at Jaipur, nothing at all like most tourist would probably see if they only follow the lonely planet. Fiona knows Jaipur and have compiled a list of some great places to stay, eat, drink, shop and relax. It is obvious that it is possible to discover the soul of the city in original and engaging ways.

More to come soon . .

Jal Mahal in the middle of the lake in JaipurMaharani and chocolate chilli muffinsJaipur_Albert Hall museumJaipur Rambagh Palace hotelJaipur Rambagh Palacegold jewellery and snake charmer, Jaipur

  • Absolutely lovely work Sephi! All the very very best and I will be eagerly awaiting your book releases! 🙂

  • Absolutely lovely work Sephi! All the very very best and I will be eagerly awaiting your book releases! 🙂

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    Very Awesome!!

  • Wonderful photographs Sephi!

  • One of the best collection of Jaipur Photos I have seen in recent times! Awesome.

  • Aditya Sharma

    these so far the best photographs ive ever seen of jaipur..
    jaipur from the best angles!!