Alternative Photographic Process in India – The FataFat Project

I have always believed that every photographer should at all times be engaged in a long-term personal project. I am so committed to this idea that it would not be an exaggeration to say that my main work is personal and the assignments are there to enable me to keep working on these personal projects. […]

Portrait Photography in a Daylight Studio

Setting up a daylight studio for portrait photography is not as difficult as I used to think. My grandfather was a photographer in Poland before the war and I remember stories that my mother used to tell me about how he set up his own daylight studio using the glass on which the light sensitive […]

Working With an Old Wood Camera

Sometime back I wrote a post about street photography in India titled Maharaja’s postrait photography in 21st centure India . The post was about what today is considered an alternative photographic process that was invented in India and used for decades by many street photographers across the subcontinent, mainly India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I have […]

Maharaja portrait photography in 21st century India

A new exhibition at the city palace museum in Udaipur explores the portraits of the Maharajas and their families taken by their personal photographers, but only a few people know that the same kind of photographers, although a dying breed, are still around in India using more or less the same techniques as in the […]