When does a portrait represent the facts and when is it porn?

One of the pleasures of travel has always been to dive into new places where others are compelled to live and being able to come out unharmed to tell the stories of how great the trip was. However, if we are not careful we might crush the fabric of cultures that we come in touch with

The hand-pulled rickshaw of Calcutta, immortalised by Dominic Lapierre's famous novel, City of Joy, will soon be a part of the history books as a bill passed by the West Bengal state assembly described the centuries-old mode of transport as "inhumane." The future of about 18,000 rickshaw pullers in the city, earning an avarage daily wages of about 100 rupees ($2.5) is unclear as they call for a compensation package to help them rehabilitate into alternative jobs.

How, and do we represent the interests of those we photograph

Readers are quick to react when they feel a photographer has crossed the line and intruded into a subject’s personal life. This is especially visible when victims of violence and their families are suddenly thrust into the harsh light of public scrutiny, their private life suddenly the subject of front-page pictures and articles.

Copyright violation as the industry Standard in India

Is copyright violation the industry standard in India? If you are a photographer working in india chances are your work was published somewhere without your authorisation, credit or even payment. Roli Books, leading publisher of world-quality coffee-tablers, has been slapped with a legal suit for violation of copyright.

Why I'm not going to buy the Nikon D800

The idea of buying a new camera is to have the ability to do things that were not possible earlier. The D800 does not give me that unfortunately and with the high megapixel is more a liability than an asset.

Not a question of IF but a question of WHEN!

Today I want to talk about storage and back up of digital images. I’m sure you all back up your pictures on a regular basis, but how? Do you still use a simple external hard drive or back up to DVD and think you are safe? If indeed than you should get your act together […]

Choose a 35mm prime lens to improve your photography

How often do you stop and think which lens you are going to take with you on the next assignment? If you had to make a choice for only one lens, which one would it be? Ever since the digital AF-S lenses and my deteriorating eye sight (I’ve been making jokes that very soon I […]

Fire Ninjas and Off Camera Flash with PocketWizard

The good guys at PocketWizard were nice enough to send me some gear to play with and boy did I put it to work. I got the MiniTT1 a couple of FlexTT5 for Nikon as well as the The AC3 ZoneController. It seemed like an unbelievable radio triggers system that, not like infrared triggers, enables the user to use the system in full daylight or behind corners without direct view of the commander flash.

How to effectively handle Copyright thieves and feel good about it

What can you do when you find your work used by someone else online? Here is one thing you SHOULD do, but mind you that if you want to shoot, shoot don’t talk. If you intend to go after such copyright thieves you should get in touch with an intellectual property lawyer.

We have no budget for photos

“No budget” is a euphemism for “we think photographers are mugs”. This offensive interpretation can easily be verified by trying the phrase at your local restaurant, eg “I have no budget for dinner but I’d like to eat”. Adding a promise to tell all your friends where you ate will not deflect your head from the kerb as the manager throws you out.” Photographer Tony Sleep

Good images don't just fall off the tree

It was said by a photographer (and thanks for John Stanmeyer for reminding) that showing contact sheets is like showing someone your underwear. An interesting way to put it but surely there is a great interest in the contact sheet that shows the  photographer’s thinking process behind the shot. The Contact Sheet I was in […]