Top 10 Blogs on Photography You Should Read

There is of course no shortage of photography-related material on the web but at times finding the really useful ones can be a tiring task. Here is a list of blogs from around the world that are worth your attention. I left a few incredible blogs out of this list simply because they are already featured on other winning lists while trying to include some that are not on any list but deserve to be.

10 Great Books On Photography Every Photographer Should Read

While there are thousands of photography books in the market it is not such an easy task to make a list of ten books on the subject of photography. I could think of four or five off the top of my head but the rest were a problem. Starting with the books I’ve already read I asked friends and colleagues about their own favorites.

Finding your Style and Identity as a Photogrpaher

You must strive to find your own identity as a photographer in order to create your own visual style. Your style will be a reflection of who you are as a person and will certainly be unique.

Where does Influence End and Creativity Begins?

My recent post about the question of originality ‘What is an original photograph? Do you create original work?‘ showed a couple of examples of similar images shot by different photographers raising the question of influence and intent. The comment thread on this post brought up some new angles and questions about originality and creativity that […]

What is an original photograph? Do you create original work?

I have just read an interesting post called ‘How Not To Be Taken Seriously’ on a blog owned by @GuyTalPhoto that I came by on twitter. Guy tells a story about creating “art” that is a little too much inspired by another artist. The post gives a nice story about a musician who came for […]

Top 10 tips for Going Pro as a Photographer

Not long ago I wrote a post called ‘The Photo Nazi’ with some advice for a new photographer. This post generated a lot of traffic and comments, not all of it so positive. Some people thought I was a arrogant and had no tact. I have no problem with being controversial from time to time, […]

Photography is about WHY not HOW

Photography is not at all about the technique but about the reason. My friend Seshu had just published a blog post about how to make your photos sing. it is a good post but many photographers don’t even know how to make their photos talk. A few days ago I went to the Delhi FCC […]

Food Photography should make you Hungry

The way i see it, food photography should make you hungry. Anything else is simply not good enough! More than that, food photography is all about the food itself and not about styling. Think about it for a second and you’ll see how photographing food can suddenly become very simple. What I look at when […]

The ‘Photo Nazi’!

Some of you might call me a Photo Nazi but i think it is important to put the discussion out there. Every now and then I get emails from young photography enthusiasts or aspiring photographers asking for advice or showing me their portfolio seeking opinion. It sometimes takes me a few days but I always […]

Painting with Light: How to find a boring image and make it beautiful

Painting with light is something that I used to do in the time when I had my studio and was shooting still life in large format, but it is as easy to do with hand held flash and a DSLR. You have to have an image of what you want to do of course, but […]