Shana Tova from Sephi Bergerson and Family

Shana Tova and a Happy New Year 5772

It is always around September that the new year starts in Israel and it has always been a tradition to send greeting cards. These cards were always decorated with the traditional symbols of the Jewish holidays and  I remember that as a child we were always fascinated with the glitters and kitch. A few years ago […]


Good vibes, techno beats and body paint in Tel Aviv

I took my daughter to the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv this afternoon. Good vibes, techno beats and body paint reminded me a bit of ‘Hotel LaChapelle‘. Street parties are always a terrific opportunity for pictures but this time, being responsible for a nine-year-old, I was not so free to shoot. Never the less, […]

Microfinancing loans, or Christian missionaries in disguise?

Is the NGO distributing micro loans to women in Chhatisgarh actually a front to a new Christian mission in disguise? I have just returned from Raipur, Chhatisgarh, shooting a feature about microfinancing for a German consumer magazine. The shoot was very simple and straight forward, but we have found some remarkable facts about the NGO […]

Not all Slumdogs are Millionaires!

So Slumdog Millionaire had won the Oscar and suddenly everyone is looking at India and the story of Dharavi slum comes out to light. For this reason alone maybe it is a good thing that this movie won, but will it do anything to help the children still living there? Dharavi slum had never looked […]

A photojournalist's point of view

Like all good young ‘professional’ photographers, I was raised to mock wedding photography and all that it represented and never even thought that I would do it. “Wedding photographer” always seemed to be a bit uncool, to put it lightly. No one thinks twice if you say that you’re a commercial photographer, or a photographer […]