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Nirmal And His Super Car

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I met Nirmal on Badem hill one day last week as I drove up there to watch the sunset. He was sitting in this amazing looking car that he had built, listening to music with his wife Dyugo and their son, Ata. I got out of my car to admire his amazing wheels and soon […]

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The Kingfisher Experience in Goa as A Corporate Assignment

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Corporate photography can have many sides to it, but beer and beaches are rarely a part of such an assignment. This was certainly not the case for this Kingfisher beer UK branding assignment I was commissioned to shoot in Goa. Kingfisher is possibly India’s No.1 beer but like any product entering a new market, or dealing with a […]

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Lost in Translation | Executive Portrait

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Mr. Peter Schuller is the global IT services director at McKinsey & Co. from Dusseldorf. He embodies what we could refer to as an ‘executive on the move’. He spends a large part of his life in transit between hotel rooms, the taxi to the nearest airport and the departure or arrival terminals.

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India’s Story of Triumph Over Polio

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The story of India’s polio immunisation campaign seen through the lens of five professional photographers sent to locations across the country to capture the essence of “the polio round’ and show India’s remarkable journey from having half of the world’s polio cases to celebrating three years of freedom from the disease.

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Under African Sky

Most people that go to Africa, especially if going on safari, will carry their biggest lens to capture the wild life. I was not going to fall into this trap. I am not a wild life photographer and bringing back a picture of a lion from up close is not what I had in mind. For me the magic was better captured with the iPhone

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How, and do we represent the interests of those we photograph

Readers are quick to react when they feel a photographer has crossed the line and intruded into a subject’s personal life. This is especially visible when victims of violence and their families are suddenly thrust into the harsh light of public scrutiny, their private life suddenly the subject of front-page pictures and articles.

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A place at the end of the road

There is a place in India where the road ends. It isn’t even a proper road as the last six kilometers coming into the town are thick mud and you are unlucky enough to have to travel in the rainy season you’d have to walk these last six as no jeep will take you there. Beyond this little town in Bihar lies the flooded area of the Kosi river and the only way onwards is by boat.

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Not a question of IF but a question of WHEN!

Today I want to talk about storage and back up of digital images. I’m sure you all back up your pictures on a regular basis, but how? Do you still use a simple external hard drive or back up to DVD and think you are safe? If indeed than you should get your act together […]

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Good images don’t just fall off the tree

It was said by a photographer (and thanks for John Stanmeyer for reminding) that showing contact sheets is like showing someone your underwear. An interesting way to put it but surely there is a great interest in the contact sheet that shows the  photographer’s thinking process behind the shot. The Contact Sheet I was in […]

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Ganesh Chaturthi iPhonography

iPhonography again. Just a quick one with some iPhone shots from the Ganesh Chaturthi procession in Mumbai this last Sunday. I was with a small group of photographers that came for the workshop so did not really shoot so much, but I still managed to sneak in a few snaps. You must have already noticed […]

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10 Great Books On Photography Every Photographer Should Read

While there are thousands of photography books in the market it is not such an easy task to make a list of ten books on the subject of photography. I could think of four or five off the top of my head but the rest were a problem. Starting with the books I’ve already read I asked friends and colleagues about their own favorites.

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Photography Will Never Be The Same Again

You might not realize it yet, but this is as big, or even bigger than the invention of the digital camera. In the pocket of your shirt or in the zipper of your bag lurks no less than the most inspiring and innovative imaging system in the history of photography. Under the innocent phone cover of your iPhone lies a powerful tool that is changing the way we work and think as photographers.

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Portrait of the Artist at the Lumberyard

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Shooting a portrait of an artist can be a tricky thing. It goes without saying that it cannot simply be a picture of how the artist looks like but mainly needs to say who he or she is, or at least give us some directions and hints. This is of course true for any portrait […]

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Where does Influence End and Creativity Begins?

My recent post about the question of originality ‘What is an original photograph? Do you create original work?‘ showed a couple of examples of similar images shot by different photographers raising the question of influence and intent. The comment thread on this post brought up some new angles and questions about originality and creativity that […]

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