• Horn Please - Trucks and Trucking in India

    A commission book for SafeExpress

Horn Please ~ Trucks and Trucking in India

If you have ever been to India you must know what ‘Horn Please’ means as it is carefully written on the back of all the trucks in the subcontinent as an advice for the driver who intends to go past them. We thought this would make the perfect name for a book about Indian trucks.

Horn Please – Trucks and Trucking in India‘ is a book on trucking and the life and realities of truck drivers in India published in January 2014. I was originally supposed to only be the book’s photo editor but when I had a day off between two assignments in Kolkata a few months ago, I went to the fruit market to see what it is like, and shot a few images there. It was so much fun and so colorful that I then decided the book will have to be shot from scratch and not bought from stock, as was the original intention.

I ended up shooting the majority of the images in the book while the rest were taken by three other great photographers; Zackary Canepary, Thomas Pickard and Claude Barutel that have done some incredible work. The book was fully sponsored by SafeExpress, a leading trucking and transportation company in India with a network form Kashmir to Kanyakumary.

Book designed by: Yogesh Suraksha DesignStudio

Publisher: SafeExpress

Photo Editor: Sephi Bergerson

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