Under African Sky

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Most people that go to Africa, especially if going on safari, will carry their biggest lens to capture the wild life. I was not going to fall into this trap. I am not a wild life photographer and bringing back a picture of a lion from up close is not what I had in mind. For me the magic was better captured with the iPhone

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Ganesh Chaturthi iPhonography

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iPhonography again. Just a quick one with some iPhone shots from the Ganesh Chaturthi procession in Mumbai this last Sunday. I was with a small group of photographers that came for the workshop so did not really shoot so much, but I still managed to sneak in a few snaps. You must have already noticed […]

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Photography Will Never Be The Same Again

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You might not realize it yet, but this is as big, or even bigger than the invention of the digital camera. In the pocket of your shirt or in the zipper of your bag lurks no less than the most inspiring and innovative imaging system in the history of photography. Under the innocent phone cover of your iPhone lies a powerful tool that is changing the way we work and think as photographers.

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Ladakh and why the iPhone 4 is the best camera I had in a while

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iPhonography is the term that I thought would fit better to what I can see as a completely new field of photography that is coming up all of a sudden. I ran a search online and it seems I was a bit behind on what was going on in this field and there are many […]

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