Riding a Bullet to Spiti Valley

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Action and adventure photography is something that I have always loved doing. The thing about this kind of photography is that you must become a part of the adventure and cannot simply tag along. Being a participant gives close access to the events and the action, but also an intimate relationship with the other participants.

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Hanuman Mandir Flower Market

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Travelers visiting Delhi are often surprised to see how late this city starts it’s day. Delhi wakes up early alright, people go for morning walks or yoga practice, but businesses will never open before 10am. If you are up before dawn looking for some adventure, there is very little to do at this early hour. […]

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Trucking in the Himalayas

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My book ‘Horn Please – Trucking in India’ is almost finished and we are scheduled to go to print in a couple of weeks. It’s been a year of extensive work and it was funny to see that some of the images that we all like the most were captured only in the last month […]

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Raghurajpur – The Crafts Village

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Situated on the southern bank of river Bhargavi and surrounded by coconut, palm, mango, jackfruit groves and other tropical trees, Raghurajpur, a small village in Puri district of Orissa, occupies a unique place in the cultural map of India. The village is inhabited by artisans producing sheer poetry on pieces of treated cloth, dried palm […]

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Following the Elephant God

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Every year, sometime in August or September, the city of Mumbai goes crazy and in almost every house people perform their annual worship of Lord Ganesha, celebrating the birthday of the elephant God. Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, is widely worshiped as the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. This […]

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Fried water bombs – Pani Puri on Chowpatti beach

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Street food stalls on Chowpati beach in Mumbai offer a variety of favorite snacks like Bhel puri, Sev Puri and Pani puri. A man visiting Chowpatti beach just after sunset, enjoys Pani Puri, as the vendor looks on. Mumbai. August 2009 Children visiting Chowpatti beach just after sunset, enjoy Pani Puri, a favorite street food [...]
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A drive through Munar tea plantations in Kerala

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While on assignment in Kerala I got lucky to visit the beautiful hill station of Mumar and it’s wonderful tea plantations. I wasn’t there to photograph the tea plantations, and it is a shame as it is so beautiful, but one cannot simply drive through Munar and not take pictures. Four hour drive from Cochin, […]

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Wine Country in South India

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40 kilometers towards north of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, lies a region that has only recently come to the attention of the rest of the world. Today, it has risen as a rich wine producing area which was once known as Tipu Sultan’s and later, the British summer retreat. Nandi Hills is a […]

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Horn Please – Trucking in India

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If you have ever been to India you must know what ‘Horn Please’ means as it is carefully written on the back of all the trucks in the subcontinent as an advice for the driver who intends to go past them. We thought this would make the perfect name for a book about Indian trucks. […]

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