Good images don't just fall off the tree

It was said by a photographer (and thanks for John Stanmeyer…
10 great books on photography - the ongoing moment_geoff dyer

10 Great Books On Photography Every Photographer Should Read

While there are thousands of photography books in the market it is not such an easy task to make a list of ten books on the subject of photography. I could think of four or five off the top of my head but the rest were a problem. Starting with the books I've already read I asked friends and colleagues about their own favorites.

Finding your Style and Identity as a Photogrpaher

You must strive to find your own identity as a photographer in order to create your own visual style. Your style will be a reflection of who you are as a person and will certainly be unique.

Photography is about WHY not HOW

Photography is not at all about the technique but about the reason.…

Shooting an Italian recipe book in Delhi in one day

If you go into a book store in India looking for a recipe book,…