Photography is about WHY not HOW

Photography is not at all about the technique but about the reason. My friend Seshu had just published a blog post about how to make your photos sing. it is a good post but many photographers don’t even know how to make their photos talk. A few days ago I went to the Delhi FCC […]

Food Photography should make you Hungry

The way i see it, food photography should make you hungry. Anything else is simply not good enough! More than that, food photography is all about the food itself and not about styling. Think about it for a second and you’ll see how photographing food can suddenly become very simple. What I look at when […]

Painting with Light: How to find a boring image and make it beautiful

Painting with light is something that I used to do in the time when I had my studio and was shooting still life in large format, but it is as easy to do with hand held flash and a DSLR. You have to have an image of what you want to do of course, but […]

10 photographers who have influenced me over the years

Who are the most influential photographers of our time, and what makes a photographer influential? The other day someone asked photographers on Twitter to name 1 or 2 top of the classic photographers that they think one must get to know. My immediate reply was to ask why only 1 or 2, and then I thought […]

Two simple maternity shots, and how I did it

My wife, Shefi, is in the last stages of pregnancy with our twins and is due any day now. We are of course super excited! Knowing that this is the last chance to take some pregnancy shots, I was planning to go out to the nature but the great outdoors is not so easy to […]

Ten photo tips that can change the way you shoot

Now, more that ever, digital cameras have reduced the technical limits to producing high-quality images. Almost everyone who has a camera and a small amount of training can make satisfactory photographs. Yet, despite the ever-growing popularity of the medium, and the billions of photographs created all over the world on a daily basis, very few […]

Shooting an Italian recipe book in Delhi in one day

If you go into a book store in India looking for a recipe book, you will find many books about the Indian kitchen and a few imported ones on foreign cuisine. An Indian made Italian recipe book is something a little out of the ordinary. Italian Khana, Ritu Dalmia’s ‘desi Italian cook book with a […]

Ten Movies Every Photographer Should See

There are three sources of knowledge that are available to us in this world; perception, inference, and what is referred to in India as Vedas – the sacred texts. Perception, or first-hand experiences, are of course the best teachers. You put your hand in the fire and it is most likely that you will never […]